Shipping & Returns

What shipping options are available?

We do not ship to P.O Boxes. Items are shipped through Fed Ex or Purolator.

What could cause a shipping delay?

Shipping delays can happen when the address is entered incorrectly. If the shipping company can not deliver the package we will contact you via phone or email.
Please be aware that during the holiday season delivery time may vary. It is best to order 4 weeks in advance to allow ample time for your item to be delivered.
While we are fighting the Covid 19 pandemic please be aware the shipping companies are seeing very high volume of shipments and can not always guarantee an exact time of delivery. 

Is there a cost on returns?

The customer is responsible to cover the cost of shipping on the return. Custom order items are non-refundable.

I can't find the part I am looking for?

Can't find your part? Please call us. Even it is not on our site we still may be able to get it for you. 


CORE Return Policy

 Please call us at 1 800 409 5727 to obtain a core return form. All core returns will be shipped directly to the manufacturer for inspection. It is the manufacturers discretion if the core is eligible for a refund. Once the manufacturer has approved the core Maverick Diesel Online will issue a refund. 


Why is it important to keep a close watch on my cooling system?

The cooling system is critical on diesel engines, it is important that an early warning system should be in place. Located in the dash panel, coolant temperature over 220f can damage an engine. If the engine has already overheated and it was not caught on time, the engine could be damaged. Most trucks have a indicator built into the dash and must be checked regularly to see if early warning system works.

What is the difference between Remanufactured, Refurbished and OEM injectors?

Remanufactured Injectors. Remanufactured injectors are disassembled, inspected for wear. Then the injectors are rebuilt using NEW updated parts and/or original equipment parts. Only original equipment is used. After assembly they are function tested and flow tested. Refurbished injectors. Refurbished injectors are used injectors that have been cleaned and tested. If they have acceptable standards they are then packaged and resold. Don’t be foiled by low priced refurbished injectors advertised by other companies. Maverick Diesel does NOT sell refurbished products. OEM Injectors. The original manufacturer rebuilds the injectors and tested to original OEM standards with all new components. Same as item you find at your local dealership.

Should I replace all my injectors or just the single ones that are failed?

If you find random Injectors beginning to fail or show signs of failing, its most likely the other injectors will follow and fail soon after. We believe that it is the most cost effective and proper investment of time, money spent repairing your truck right the first time. The proper way is to tackle the diesel fuel system as a single identity working together in harmony. The diesel fuel delivery system is the most important part of your engine and its performance. The key is finding the route cause of the failure and then repairing it.

My truck is getting worse on fuel everyday. It has the stock dpf system on it and I am wondering if it has something to do with my fuel mileage?

Great question! We see quite a few trucks with a DPF or a setup that have phantom codes and turn into nightmare vehicles. With some diagnosis it is easy to see if the dpf is getting plugged or if the egr is getting plugged up. Again a scan tool is a man’s best friend here. Generally you can achieve 2-5 liters /100km in fuel economy when the truck is tuned properly.


Inspect the fuel system is very important when doing any service to the fuel system. We recommend to inspect for leaks, change seals, inspect fuel return lines, inspect and clean fuel feed lines. Don't forget to check the fuel delivery lines from the tank for soft spots! A simple soft spot in the rubber feed lines will cause collapse under high pressure. Fuel filters can be expensive, but it is crucial to keep up on maintenance. One dirty tank of fuel can destroy a set of injectors.

I am having long crank times and also getting a P0087 code, what do you think could be the problem.

The first thing to check here is your low side delivery. Some trucks have a pressurized low pressure fuel system and some like a duramax have a vacuum system. Confirm what is going on and if it needs a pump a aftermarket FASS fuel pump can do wonders. Better filtration and less aeration at the injector.